Hiya, you can call me Princely. No, I promise I’m not full of myself. It’s more of a “fake it till you make it” scenario, where I’m just trying to instil blind confidence in myself. Hoping that the two extremes will balance out to something functional. I’m a gay male, living in Toronto in my early twenties. Something bland yet with enough variety in it to hopefully sound just comfortably out of your comfort zone to risk reading.

I’m an aspiring writer, currently focusing on narrative fiction, but I like to avoid commitment in my hobbies, so I figured, let’s give this a try as well. Do some blogging. It’s what all the cool kids are doing. Problem is most people don’t realize how cool they are. If you’re wondering what to expect from me, it will hopefully be entertaining rants of the odd hurdles in my life, musings for story ideas, and occasionally some of the stories I talk about.

I like to make as much of my life as queer as possible. I figure the world is straight enough, if not too much. No offence to any straight people reading this, though no promise from future posts. However, for as gay as I make myself, I’m missing one of the crucial aspects to that lifestyle, a boyfriend. Phew. That’s one problem avoided.

Some of my hobbies and interests include reading and writing, naturally. More interestingly I play dungeons and dragons, fifth edition, a few nights a week. Cooking can be fun when randomly struck with motivation, though my go to method is picking two ingredients that don’t belong together, and then putting them together. As for other hobbies… I take pleasure in how awkward I am in life. And I’ll leave it at that.

And if you read this, thanks. I don’t really know why but I appreciate it. Witty outro.

He/Him. Freelance writer and aspiring novelist. Queer and a bubbling font of horrific creativity.